We work on combining economics and innovation to create new economic models which will  address the current financial crisis caused by COVID-19

Workgroups which bring together a wide range of talented people to mind-share through weekly calls with global thinkers and innovators.

White papers, strategic plans, technological product development, consultations with businesses, governments, and NGOs.

We are currently taking applications to get involved, join workgroups and contribute to the creation of a wide range of resources that will be open-source and available to all.


While countries are grappling with the critical goal of ending the spread of Covid-19 and protecting public health, the measures that are currently being taken are leading to high levels of unemployment and driving us into a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty. Existing economic theories and solutions are suddenly irrelevant or inadequate.

Current stimulus packages and government solutions are band-aids while we need solutions on a global scale.

We are a group of economists, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, futurists, politicians, and finance experts focusing our energies and combining our efforts to create innovative economic theories that can be translated into real-world solutions to help as many people as possible make it through this unprecedented crisis and prepare our global economy to thrive the day after and beyond.


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